sad shayari in hindi 2022 new

 sad shayari in hindi 2022 new  sad shayari 

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Identity has  been  registered .

Said Shayari

Ab ras nayi  jhuta kuhe ko me gingi
mein zindagi ko khoya ab dar nahin lagata kuch khon ko main zindagi mein zindagi ko
khoya had
shayari, sad shayari, many sad shayari or sad shayari in hindi.

The ten queries of unusual that were opened, did  not reach us reality for zindage  , was very
log the ones that were 

taunted  When he would have made promises to someone else,  he  would have remembered me.

It has been reported that you do not know,
when I am in agony 
lie ask yourself, are you the same

It gets spoiled in this season when you
are happy with the bad smile .

There is a drop in the temperature.
Alarm moment by moment some blood pressure.

If someone is silent then we get tarp, if we are silent then no one
has asked

sad poetry till recently If you want to drive me crazy , you paint my palm with the mehndi of my love, put mascara on my eyes in your eyes; Put a smile on your face, put a stamp on your lips, look at me with love, hurt me sad poetry, sad poetry in Hindi, sad poetry

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